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Natventure Holidays
Natventure Holidays
Connect with Nature, Adventure and the Outdoors. Be it an outbound for Corporate Groups or Educational Institutions, leisure or adventure programs, outing with family or Picnic spots near mumbai friends, Natventure provides the perfect Camping options tailor-made to suit the needs of the group. We operate sustainable facilities that allow individuals, groups or families to connect with nature, relax, bond as humans and appreciate the outdoors. Natventure de-stresses people lost in the maze of urbanization, unplugs them from the digital world and makes them realize and appreciate the Outdoors. Our team is always smiling, welcoming and eager to ensure you have a beautiful and rejuvenating experience on your next break at our Campsites!
A personal need to de-stress, an underlying yearning to be the child that one always was or just an unadulterated love for the outdoors got \"not so normal us\" together. We chatted and chatted some more… time passed by..we got fatter, ensconced in the security of our corporate jobs or established businesses; but the restlessness remained! Then one day, we chucked it all and did what we always wanted i.e. to be in communion with nature and share pleasures with both, the initiated and the uninitiated. We saw an extremely likeable proposition and decided to set up sustainable facilities / campsites that allow \"tribes\", groups and family units to connect with nature, unwind, bond as humans and appreciate the outdoors. (Ownership of some lovely properties did help!) Our dream (now a reality) is to create a network of Campsites throughout the Sahyadri sand the adjoining Konkan coast in Maharashtra.
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